Applying for the electrical apprenticeship

The Youngstown Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee at 350 E. Western Reserve Road, Youngstown, Ohio 44514 can provide computer access for in person online applications on the first Wednesday of each month. Call to set-up an appointment. In-person and online applications are both processed in the same manner - Online.

 Applications are accepted 24/7, 365 days online. 

When applying: All minimum requirement must be met, all required documents and test fee must be received within 30 days of original application date in order to process the application.

Required documents: Online application, valid driver’s license, high school or post high school transcript showing one (1) year of Algebra 1 has been completed and the $30 testing fee is paid. The documents can be emailed to  or brought to JATC office at 350 E. Western Reserve Road, Youngstown, Ohio 44514. Transcript are not required to be stamped and certified.

Test Fee: Can be paid by PayPal/Credit Card at time of application or money orders made payable to YJATC are the only forms of payment accepted. No cash or checks are accepted. If someone other than applicant is paying for the testing fee via PayPal/Credit Card please reference the applicants name in the comments area. 

Payment link:

Requirements to be consider for apprenticeships:

Other application information

  • Applications that do not have the required documentations within 60 days of initial application date will be removed from our system and will have to re-apply.
  • Aptitude tests are at a pre-scheduled date
  • Applications are accepted all year, but apprentices are generally only chosen once a year.
  • Apprenticeship classes generally start in the fall.
  • Depending on the time of application the process may take from six months to a year to be completed.
  • Applicants may apply for both the commercial and/or residential program(s) for no additional test fee.
  • Any applicant not achieving a qualifying score on the aptitude test must wait a minimum of six months from the original test date to re-test. To re-test you must re-apply for apprenticeship, pay another $30 testing fee. Send an email to the  stating that you had previously tested and are re-applying. This email notifies us that you had prior documentation and all documents may not be required again.  

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